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We offer complete arboriculture and forestry services from tree felling to hedge cutting, stump removal, consultancy and firewood. We have the skills, the experience and the necessary equipment to complete any task.

Tree Felling

We can offer tree removal from the smallest of trees to large sectional dismantles to large scale tree felling in  woodlands.


Tree pruning 

We can reduce and prune your trees to maintain the trees shape, integrity and size.

Stump Grinding 

We offer stump grinding and removal of stumps.

We have both small and large machines available when access is tight.

We can also remove stumps by use of an air spade where underground services are an issue.


Hedge cutting 

We offer hedge cutting for both domestic and commercial customers. 

From the smallest hedge and shrub in your garden to the largest hedges around arenas.

Forestry and consultancy

We offer a wide variety of forestry operations, from clear felling, timber removal, chipping/biomass and planting.

We also offer tree consultancy and surveying.



We supply seasoned firewood all year round.

We have hardwood and soft wood available in 1.2m3 loads. 

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